If you are a personal embroider or just starting your business.

Our Fuwei BF series and FW single-head series are very suitable for you. Our machines are easy to operate and have high embroidery accuracy. They can embroider hats, finished garments, socks, shoes, etc., our BF series is suitable for your own DIY, design your own works.

If you already own a company and need to mass produce embroidery orders

Or you have a printing machine before and want to try embroidery now, our FW and BC industrial series are very suitable for you, from single head to 12 heads, according to your needs and embroidery works The number of heads can be selected for the quantity of the order, the more heads, the higher the output. Our machines have a high rate of stability, a very low scrap rate of finished products and a low rate of disconnection.

If you need to embroider a large area, such as long dress, national costumes, curtains, etc.

Or you need a large-area sampling machine, our single-head large-area multi function series is very suitable for you, if you also need to add sequins, beads, cording embroidery, coiling or chenille embroidery, etc., we also prepared those types of machines for you. Our technology is very mature for those machines, and the customer demand is relatively high. Our annual sales are also very well.